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This comes by the Spirit of God, and not through a test laboratory.

I don’t believe in it the way they’re trying to make it sound and mixing fear with it to scare and control people. That is dead wrong!!!



And for the sake of this writing I will substitute the word "C19" for covid.

There are far to many people today saying C19 where it’s become their reality. Hitler’s minister of propaganda said a lie repeated or spoken a thousand times becomes truth. With so many uttering this ungodly word it has now become their truth and their reality.

I firmly believe the Spirit of God says there is no C19. It’s a fallacy!! It’s not real in the way they are reporting it. They have taken a flu virus, exploited, sensationalized, and branded it for political means. Nothing more nothing less. They cannot even isolate a virus and yet they’re saying people are dying from it. They’re forcing you to wear a mask, distance yourself, and take a shot(s) to supposedly protect you against something that doesn’t even exist!! This is the biggest lie perpetrated upon mankind since the Garden of Eden.

Why would any normal, rational minded person ever want to confess something so evil and so negative?

I’m sick and tired of hearing people saying so-and-so died of C19. Or, so and so got C19. Its sole purpose is to cause and spread fear. When you hear someone died of C19 it causes fear and an unconscious respect for this so-called virus.

When a well-known person supposedly dies of C19 many are conditioned to immediately think, “Oh no, if it happened to them it could happen to us.”

Why aren’t we keeping score and reporting the number of people dying from heart disease, suicide, natural disasters and famine every day, week, month and year? I’ll tell you why, because people are jaded in they’re thinking!! They are jaded and their conscience is seared (I Timothy 4:1,2). They’re listening to the fake, biased, fundamentally anti-American news media far more than they are the truth of God‘s Word.

We are to turn away from those with corrupt minds and who are destitute of the truth (I Timothy 6:5; II Timothy 3:5).

Millions of people die every year in this country. Why aren’t we making a big deal out of it and running around freaking out? I’ll tell you one main reason why is because most people’s god, the news media, the world wide web and crooked politicians aren’t talking about it. Most people are a product of their environment, hence the aforementioned statement.

Almost 2,000,000 people die every year in this country alone from heart disease and cancer. Why don’t we keeping a running tab on that? Why aren’t we doing something more about that? Perhaps you can begin to see a little more clearly what really is going on here. The reason we aren’t doing anything about this is because people don’t care. You make a big deal when uncle Joe dies of C19. What about uncle Joe dying of heart disease, cancer, in a car wreck or suicide? You are glorifying the word C19 and the perpetrated lie behind it when you honor somebody supposedly dying with it. Ignorance gone to seed folks. Ignorance gone to seed!!!

In reality, you’re making an idol (god) out of that word and what it supposedly stands for and represents. God says in His Word strongly that you will have no other idols (gods) before you. He’s a jealous God and wants your undivided attention. We worship Him and Him only. Bowing down to a man-made manufactured virus is an "accursed thing" in our midst. God says in Joshua chapter 6 and chapter 7 repeatedly, "take away the accursed thing in your midst or I can’t help you."

Every time you say the word C19 you’re giving power and credence to the devil, the enemy of your soul. You’re validating and complicit to a lie sweeping the land. Every time you say that word you are giving place to the devil and giving him authority to move in your life. You’re acknowledging the fake news media. You’re giving into propaganda which is designed to destroy you!! The devil wants to keep you dumb and ignorant.

“Those who don’t ask why and defy shall surely die!!”

The reason you say C19 is because you heard someone else say it, who heard someone else say it, who heard someone else say it, who heard someone else say it, who heard someone else say it, and now you believe it. Faith comes by hearing. Just like the words, masks, vaccines, social distancing, lockdowns, etc., something inside says this is wrong wrong wrong!!!

It grieves my heart and soul and I am sure the heart of God when people of faith, whom I know and admire, use the word "C19." Something inside me says, "They’ve given into a lie!" Good hearted people giving into lies. My own family giving into the lies of the devil.


We need to learn how to talk again. We need to learn how to say, “No!!” We need to stop saying, "C19 killed someone," or, "So and so is sick with C19." You have no proof of this scientifically or elsewhere. You’re mimicking like a myna bird what somebody said or you heard somebody else say or you read something. You have no proof for yourself. Shame on you!!!

“Well I got C19,” you hear people say. No, you gut duped!!!

Are people dying? I don’t know. Who’s to say they’re dying from C19? It’s a money making machine. $40,000 per head. $40,000 per patient.

“Well Larry, show some respect, my loved one died of C19.” No they didn’t, they died and you’re acting like a fool!! Why on God’s earth would you even want to glorify the devil by acknowledging and saying someone died of C19, or that someone is sick with C19, or that you got C19? Dear Lord people. I have the upmost compassion for the loss of your loved one, but to complicate it and be complicit to a lie, I will not tolerate or be a part of.

The grief, the pain, and the loss of someone dying is very real!! Why give credit to C19 for killing your loved one? My not believing your loved one died of a so-called C19 virus does not diminish my sincere condolence, pain, grief and loss for your loved one. Don’t rob or deprive me of that.

Some would argue, “You don’t care, you don’t really love uncle Joe. Uncle Joe died of C19. How can you be so disrespectful? What is wrong with you? If you really loved uncle Joe and respected him you would believe that he died from C19.” Dear family member, if I really love uncle Joe then I’m obliged before God Almighty to tell the truth. He did not die from what the world and the news media is calling C19.

People are dying in car wrecks and being tested for C19 post mortem and on the death certificate it says they died of C19. Why? $$$$$$$

“For the love of money is the root of ALL evil!!” (I Timothy 6:10)

There have always been viruses. People are dying from all kinds of diseases. To label them C19 deaths is so wrong. Peoples hands are tied. The doctor says your loved one died from C19. Whose to say otherwise? Well my friend the Spirit of God is saying, “NO, NO, NO!!!”

My own family and many church members utter these false words today. People of faith, people who have been taught to speak words of faith are saying this word. To me it’s nothing short of Baal worship in the Bible. It’s nothing short of serving mammon and not God as Jesus says would happen. It’s an idol, a false God, and the accursed thing which God told Joshua to rid from among the people.

Why am I privy to this information? I really don’t know other than the Spirit of God is moving, and brooding over this earth like He did in Genesis chapter one. God‘s eyes are going to and fro throughout the whole earth this night to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose hearts are made perfect towards Him (II Chronicles 16:9).

I believe C19 is a man-made, manufactured word to cause fear to rise in people. I believe C19 is nothing more than a glorified flu virus which has been exploited for political means. So many have bought into it hook line and sinker. They are gullible, easily duped and cheated!! "HOODWINKED!!"

I had symptoms similar to what they are calling this so-called virus before it was supposedly unleashed into our world and you know what they called it? I was sick, possibly with a virus, possibly the flu. No fear, no masks, no social distancing, no lockdowns; get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids, take your vitamins, and if you get worse go see your doctor. That’s it folks. If I would’ve died what would they have put on my death certificate?

I recently asked a friend, mother of seven, what’s new in her life the past two years, and she replied, “C19, C19, C19!!!” Sadly, and utterly tragic how many good people are now married to masks and needles.

The enemy has snared so many. Fear is the motivator. Propaganda drives the fear. Ignorant people receive the fear. (Ignorance doesn’t mean you’re stupid, it just means you haven’t learned yet).

God hates a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, and those who sow discord among the brethren (Proverbs 6).

Bottom line: I’m tired of people being lied to. I’m tired of the devil running amok and roughshod over most peoples lives. I’m tired of the ignorance. IGNORANCE and ACQUIESCENCE are the shrapnel of today's warfare!! In war, many are marred, seriously wounded and killed by flying shrapnel from the enemy.

God says let the ignorant be ignorant (I Corinthians 14:38). Well, I want to reach out to the ignorant, and if that’s you, pray about this, look inside yourself, look what’s being said by the media and then look what you’re saying with your own words and mouth. I’m tired of people making wrong and bad decisions based upon lies.

Folks, you must be a yielded vessel in order for God’s Spirit to flow through you. I often pray for God to interrupt my day. I may have plans for today but God‘s plans take priority over my plans and may interrupt my plans anytime.

God is looking for modern day Jonahs to go to Nineveh and preach repentance. God is looking for John the Baptists to come forth from the wilderness, crying, “Prepare ye the way of the Lord and make his paths straight.”

God is interrupting my day today: “We interrupt this program with a special announcement. There is no C19!!”

“Who will rise up for me against the evil doers? Or, who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity,” (Psalm 94:16)?


Here’s a sure way to prove how ingrained this word has become in our society and possibly even in your own life. If you’re having thoughts of resisting what I’m sharing, angry about what I’m sharing, gnashing your teeth or plugging your ears, then you have symptoms of mass deception (delusion) and ignorance gone to seed! I’m not judging you. You’re probably a good hearted person. But I’d rather take the risk (chance) of offending you and pull you from the hell fire arrayed against your soul.

The Bible says we are to pull one another from the fire (Jude 1:20-25).

Many churches have accepted the coronavirus, given place to it, and have even made it a part of their every day lives. Just listen to them talk. But I’ve got a newsflash for you: God has not accepted it. God calls it an “accursed thing” in the midst of us and we must remove it now.

In closing, I truly feel I am one lone voice crying in the wilderness. Some will heed this message, but most won’t. These are the times which try men’s souls. These words will cut the hearts of men and they will gnash their teeth and plug their ears. But the Spirit of God says, “Those who have ears to hear let them hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the church.”

God bless you!!

P.S. I realize this is martyrdom talk and it reminds me of Stephen in the Book of Acts. I pray for God to help me to speak with the spirit and wisdom of Stephen and the apostles. If you remember in Acts chapter seven they stoned Stephen’s body while he fell asleep. Glory to Our God!!!


I pray God‘s blessings upon you this day and that His presence will be revealed to you as you reach out to Him by faith.

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Larry Cappetto is an award-winning filmmaker producer, and songwriter.


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