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Should or can God really be involved in every aspect of our lives? That's a big question. I've gone most of my Christian life believing, wanting and desiring God to be involved in my life, especially during the big decisions in life. Is God really with me during those times? Is that the way it really works or just the way man has led us to believe it works? These are startling and sobering questions on a path to rediscover God in my life.

I think it's fair to say that most of us want God to be a part of our lives. It makes us feel connected, worthwhile, with a strong purpose for living. It makes us feel good about ourselves.

Most of my life I have wanted to believe that God was a big part of my life. Perhaps it's open for interpretation or just semantics, but looking back now it seems like God was not always a part of my life. Again, that model is based upon the faith teaching and how God is at our instant disposal and beckoned call 24/7. As the song says, "That ain't necessarily so." I got that out of the book of life of hard knocks. God I wish it was like that and you were at our beckoned call, every second of every minute of every day.

Perhaps we should stop for a moment to say that the purpose of these writings is to find and have God be a part of our lives. I tell people today that I believe, but I believe differently. I still think, but I think differently.

The faith teaching really did a number on my head. I still find myself struggling with those teachings as I look for God in my life. I'm trying to eat the hay and leave the sticks but it sure feels like there's a lot more sticks than hay in the pasture of life most days. Can I get a witness?

All of us want a testimony of how God has worked in our lives. I do believe God is working but not the way we have been led to believe He works.

We need to find God in our lives. Many of us look for the spectacular yet miss the still small voice inside speaking to us. We want the fire, dramatics, and earthquakes in life to rattle our beings. But in reality it's the quiet peaceful sunsets, the sunflowers warmly shining on a vine, a small bird flying overheard or a small bunny rabbit happily hoping by which reaches down and touches our inner most beings. These are those defining God moments in our lives which most of us miss every day.

I don't believe God is really into models and templates for our lives. I believe Jesus was very unpredictable, spontaneous, with a spirit for adventure. I would even dare to say that he resisted status quo and wasn't fond of man made rules, regulations and traditions. It was the religious leaders and people of the day that persecuted and eventually killed Jesus. Things haven't changed much today, just look around. Churches are full of hypocrites and religious spirits saying, "It's my (our) way or the highway."


A blueprint for our lives; a roadmap to success for our lives; a key to success and victory in our lives. That all sounds well and good and is like a sweet tempestuous bait which mega churches and mega televangelist dangle in front of their congregations and viewers every Sunday morning. How many of us have taken the bait? And like those who tell us about God, what and who to believe, these same people have told us how to read, study, and believe the Bible. Personally I believe this has done a great disservice and more harm than good to the church world today. We are like mina birds mimicking what the preacher has said.

I say often when I speak and challenge people to find their own relationship with God, that most people have a relationship with God through their pastor and minister and not for themselves.

I want to share a word and a thought with you:


I believe self-discovery is sadly lacking in our churches today. We are told who, what, how to believe, and what to believe.


"We have a mind of our own. Let's use it."

I believe parents in the home should be the number one teachers in our lives. Of course with the advent of many single-parent homes today that becomes more difficult, and for those who don't have parents life becomes a difficult path to journey down. But I believe God's original design for the family was for the children to learn from their parents.

Today most churches and pastors are gods in our lives. (Don't shout me down now because I'm preaching real good.) You know it's the truth. Tragically, Facebook also is a God to most, even for well to do Christians who go to church. Just listen for a moment and hear how these people are finding out their information, family matters, and world happenings. It's utterly pathetic and sickening to me. Thank God for his 11th commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Facebook!!"

Unless you're studying to be a physicist, nuclear scientist, bio chemist or some other fancy job title with letters after your name, learning from your parents is essential to a well balanced upbringing. (I'm trying to salvage the baby for the bathwater so stick with me here.)

Just because you can quote chapter and verse, toting a Bible under both arms doesn't mean you have arrived and are the sum total of all wisdom and knowledge.

PSALM 119:105

"Thy word oh Lord is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."

That is my favorite scripture in the whole Bible. I don't need anyone to write a book about it, conduct a seminar, or preach it down my throat. I think the scripture verse speaks for itself and I'm smart enough to figure it out.


GOD is real.

GOD is around.

GOD is helping people, (mainly through other people.)

Yes, in the over all scheme of things, God is in control. God is powerful. But, in the here and now, in this life it's tough!

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