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Funeral homes across the country receiving federally mandated regulations and guidelines requiring all deceased individuals to wear a mask during a viewing or wake.

Though most would deem this silly, sadly, there are those among us who would literally die before they took their mask off. This photo clearly portrays how far things have been allowed to go in this country and perhaps the world. We have gone to an unhealthy extreme under the guise of the virus-mania the media has been feeding us.

Take a close look at this picture. I hope its image embeds in our heads and haunts us. Many of the atrocities Hitler committed during World War II could not have been imagined. And yet, we as a country waited until it was almost too late to step in and do something about the evil and danger he presented to the world.


I caution all of us: We are only one step away from having our deceased loved ones lie in wake wearing a dreaded mask upon their passing.

When I talk like this some will immediately throw stones at me and say I am insensitive and not taking the current lock downs and restrictions seriously. On the contrary I care more about people than they do. While those wearing masks (when they are clearly not needed) continue to reabsorb their own bacteria, germs and reduce their oxygen intake, I am trying to share the truth behind the mask frenzy so you will see the light, cast off darkness and remove that dreaded face covering, filling your lungs with fresh air.


It's true, when you walk or drive around town it is like being in the Twilight Zone. "Haven't they received the memo yet?" We are over this thing. It never ceases to amaze me how many of those choosing to wear a mask are being led astray and being fed false information. I wonder what is in their heads. I make it a practice to study and watch people. I have always been like that.

I recently saw two grown men out in the fresh air with not a soul in sight wearing a mask while sitting on a riding mower. They didn't have allergies. They were probalby sucked in by the fear mongers in the media who said if you don't wear a mask you may die. It is these same ungodly people who are in danger of hell fire and are already beginning to spread lies of a "second wave" of this virus-mania. Till I take my last breath I WILL NOT listen to nor heed the trash these people are spewing out. They are afraid of death and that is all they have folks. FEAR!! They don't give a darn about God and country. Now I understand why God told us in His Word to FEAR NOT 365 times, one for everyday of the year.

If you believe in God and His Word you should not be afraid of death. Because of the fear of death people are wearing masks many times. To be honest the mask will not stop a germ. Secondly, if you are sick enough to have to wear a mask then obviously you don't care much about people or else you would remain home.


There is more going on here with the propagation of masks than a virus. I believe it to be control. How gullible are the American people?

I am going to say it: The extreme in which we are seeing things, I believe behind the scenes of this life to be the propagation of the devil!! From a hygiene standpoint as I have often said, yes, we should always be aware of germs and take precautions but not to the extreme we are seeing it today.

QUESTION: How long are people going to have to wear masks? The scary answer is, "Nobody knows!!" Unless directed by a physician for some valid health concerns, I am convinced these people you see around town wearing masks will have to be told to take them off before they will discard them. Like I said in my last blog article, "Unmasked," which you need to read and share with others, this whole thing has provided a "false sense of security!!" The truth is we are NO SAFER wearing a mask. (Please watch my timely video, "Masks On In Denver.")

Also, watch Peggy Hall's life-saving video, "No Governor Can Order You To Wear A Mask!!


Two things to ponder folks going ahead:

#1 - A mask does not protect you from germs or viruses.

#2 - If you are sick or don't know if you are sick and need to wear a mask you should NOT be going out in public.

If you really believe you are doing a good turn by wearing a mask then I beseech you to think again. "To thyself do NO HARM!"

I will say it again: There is more going on here than meets the eye. There is a hidden agenda from the dark side as to the propagation and exploitation of wearing a mask. No, I haven't lost my mind. Somebody needs to speak out like this. Because no one seems to be questioning the continuance of this madness evil is on your doorstep ready to move into your life, permanently!! Evil comes disguised and packaged in many different forms. God's Word admonishes and warns us to resist the devil and he will flee from you. He goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour; whom resist steadfast in the faith.

"But what about the elderly?"

We have always has the elderly with us and we are to always watch over and care for them. This is not something new. But, as some would like to make us feel like we are being insensitive. On the contrary we care for the elderly. We will protect them. But don't use the elderly as an excuse to wear a mask.

In closing, I know many people are forced to wear a mask at work. I feel for each of them. Some may even lose their job if they don't wear a mask. Folks, to me this borders on tyranny and communism. I beseech you to speak up and let your voice be heard. Together we must defeat this evil. Please write a comment below. YOUR VOICE MATTERS!!

"You can't keep your true self hidden forever; before long you'll be exposed. You can't hide behind a mask forever; sooner or later the mask will slip and your true face will be known." (Luke Chapter 12).

I pray God‘s blessings upon you this day and that His presence will be revealed to you as you reach out to Him by faith. Pray for God's TRUTH to come forth in the midst of the lies and deception of a world gone mad. It is God's TRUTH which will set us FREE!!

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