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"SELFISH BASTARDS?" Unmasked In Colorado. Gov shows true colors

"PUT THE DAMN MASK ON!!" (Pontius Polis)


Colorado House Republicans reacted swiftly to Gov. Jared Polis issuing an executive order Thursday mandating all Coloradans wear masks when they are in public.

"The Governor's mask mandate is unconstitutional and unnecessary and is siding with mob rule over numbers and logic." (House Republican Leader, Patrick Nevelle).

"I guess he's forgotten his campaign slogan, 'A Colorado For All.'"

"The governor seems to believe that those who make educated decisions for themselves are 'selfish bastard(s).'"

Non-medical grade masks have not been proven effective against the virus according to studies conducted by medical experts and the World Health Organization.

Lauren Boebert, the the Republican nominee for Colorado's 3rd Congressional District, also issued the following statement:

“Here we go again! Colorado’s Governor Polis is on the march, attacking our personal liberties while dictating mandates from the top down," she said in the emailed statement. "Government’s job is to inform, not to strip our freedoms away and treat us like wards of the state. How lucky for the mothers of nine-year-olds who will still have the freedom to make such decisions for their children.”



How do you know when your child is lying?


When what they’re saying doesn’t make sense.

Well folks what the governor of Colorado and others are saying doesn’t make sense!! “Propaganda, lies, conformity.” When our governor calls us “selfish bastards” for not wearing a mask you draw a line in the sand and you put your armour on. When a governor discriminates, shames and shows bias against those choosing not to wear a mask you draw a line in the sand. When a governor says if you don’t wear a mask you're trespassing, you draw a line in the sand. How many times have I said it: "IGNORANCE GONE TO SEED!!!"

This whole mask insanity has gone way beyond a health issue. It’s called, “CONFORMITY!!” It’s called, “SOCIALISM!!" Don't kid yourself or allow yourself to be hoodwinked: It's all about "CONTROL!!"


A mask is a symbol of control. Masks are used to scare children. They are used in occult-ritualistic practices and to control the actions of a group. Extreme and bizarre perhaps but true. When we wear a mask we are showing our allegiance to the controlling powers behind this whole debacle. Wearing a mask is displaying their flag!!


In my last article, "MORE TESTING, MORE CASES," I spoke about German propaganda and how Hitler used it to dup the German people into thinking the Jewish race were the problem to the extent of the extermination of millions of them from the face of the earth. He used every available means in the day to brainwash and deceive people from the truth:

Radio, newspapers, magazines, films, news reels, leaflets, flyers, posters.

"A lie repeated a thousand times becomes the TRUTH!!" (Joseph Goebbels - German Minister of Propaganda, World War II).

Personally, I believe stores handing out masks is equal to handing out German propaganda leaflets. Handing out masks at stores and even churches is propaganda. I'm thankful I have not seen a small German Swastika on those masks. God help us to see the truth.

Many workers are FORCED to wear a mask or else!! I understand this and I truly and sincerely feel for you. You believe your job is threatened if you don't wear a mask. Doesn't that sound familiar? It is a catch 22 of the worst kind. Most people I have spoken to in the retail world DON'T want to wear a mask.


"Those choosing NOT to wear a mask aren't causing the numbers to rise, but rather, it's proof that those wearing the mask isn't stopping the spread of the remarkably smart, invisible "so-called" virus. We might as well be ordered to put pink ribbons in our hair and green socks on our feet as much good as it is going to do.

WHY are governors acting like tyrants, usurping authority and punishing those who exercise their God given right to choose to NOT wear a mask?


A governor is not a law maker. He does NOT make the law. He or she should be a servant of the poeple. A governor's job is to point you towards the rules and regulations. Unfortunately, what is happening though in many states is governors and mayors are acting like tyrants and forcing tyranny rule upon us. "In America," you may ask? Yes, in America!! It feels awkward because this should not be happening in our communities.

I learned in business many years ago, “perception is reality!” Our country is being hoodwinked and deceived. It grieves my heart when people make wrong decisions based on lies and not the truth. The perception is these are laws. The reality is they are not laws. Not wearing a mask is not breaking a law. I’ve heard of counties in California fining people for not wearing a mask. Show me the law on that one. Are you kidding me?


Pontius Polis' "so called" mandates and orders have awakened the sleeping giant among us. Thank God it has. Too long have we been asleep at the wheel. Like Jonah of old it is time to stand up and preach deliverance to Nineveh!! And don't allow words like, "MANDATORY," or, "EXECUTIVE ORDER," scare you. It's purely semantics designed to force you into doing something you may not want to do. Sheer "manipulation," at the core.

Jesus said these things would happen in the Bible. It’s the spirit of antichrist which He says is already in the world. I guess somehow we felt like we were exempt in this country. As Johnny Cash wrote and sang years ago, “It’s going by the book.” We undoubtedly are living in the end times. "As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the coming of the Son of Man."


I continue to qualify there are some exceptions to wearing a mask. Your doctor may tell you to wear a mask. If you’re sick stay home. If you have to go out perhaps wear a mask. Healthy people should not be wearing masks, period!! Science proves that one out. Please check out my video regarding oxygen deprivation/hypoxia.

Many times masks are worn in a sterile environment and there are certain protocols to put one on, take it off, and then properly discard it. Wake up governors, wake up people: we don’t live in a sterile environment.

Personally, I don't go into stores anymore. I order online and pick up curbside when possible. I adamantly refuse to wear the slave-mask of the NWO or cover my face with their flag.

Take Your Mask Off, That's My Rule® (watch video)

For lack of better words our misguided elected officials are trying to trick us. TRICK OR TREAT!! How ironic is that? Put your mask/disguise on and go trick or treating throughout the neighborhood.

There’s no law which says you have to wear a mask. A business cannot turn you away for not wearing one either. The worse you may experience is ridicule from people around you. But Jesus says we’re going to be persecuted for His sake.

“Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven,” (Matthew 5:10). It’s coming to pass right before our eyes. It’s an exciting time, yet perhaps difficult for us who live in a cushy country, but very exciting from God’s perspective. I look for the coming of our Lord any day, any moment. We are to watch and pray for His coming.



Can a state government threaten to shut a church down because people aren’t wearing masks?




Can a state government close a church down because people aren’t wearing masks?



The church once again is at a crossroads. Do we have church and require everybody to wear a mask? Do we say no to the mask mandate? Or, do we make it optional? Thank God for His Spirit. He will lead and guide us into all the truth. I would just caution you to make sure you’re listening to the right spirit. There are many voices in this world.

Jesus said the devil is a THIEF. He will rob you of what is rightfully yours. The devil is the FATHER OF LIES. He is not going to break down your door and say, “I’m the devil,” and destroy your life. He’s going to work subtly, just like he did in the garden of Eden. He’ll question and cast doubt on God‘s Word and get you to question what God has said, and then when you’re not looking, like a roaring lion he will devour you. He will come disguised in light of your own desires. He will come disguised as a smooth talking, smiling politician on TV. Jesus says beware, there are many false prophets in the world. Let he or she that has ears to hear, let them hear.

With more restrictions being imposed on churches I'm very concerned. Even though this is a clear violation of our Constitutional right to peacefully assemble, if we don't speak up our doors may remain closed.

Allow me to share a sobering, somewhat prophetic passage in the Old Testament. The wicked King of Assyria was mouthing off in Isaiah chapter 10, verses 13 and 14:

"By my own power I have done it, and by my wisdom, for I am shrewd. I have moved the boundaries of peoples, their treasures I have pillaged, and, like a giant, I have put down the enthroned. My hand has seized like a nest the riches of nations; As one takes eggs left alone, so I took in all the earth; No one fluttered a wing, or opened a mouth, or chirped (peeped)."

What is this passage saying? I believe it clearly demonstrates the fact that while under siege by the wicked king (governor) nobody opened their mouth and said anything. It appears they let the king run rough shod over them and he took everything away from them. He took their freedoms!! Folks, be on guard. Our governors and mayors are trying to do the same thing today. We must pray against, stand up and make our declaration, boldly, fervently and relentlessly!!

God gives us the breath of life. Don't let the devil steal it from you. God has overlooked the times of ignorance, but now He demands that all people everywhere repent because he has established a day on which He will "judge the world with justice!"