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On my quest and journey to know more about God I've come across some very interesting thoughts, some of which I have already shared with you. My blog is entitled, "God Talk." I believe the title speaks for itself and many people can relate to what I've been writing about and sharing.

I know I have some silent readers out there who are stuck in a religious rut and don't know how to get out. They remain in their spiritual comfort zones because they're afraid. I believe with all my heart God doesn't want us stuck in religious ruts. He wants us to be free to make our own decisions with His word as our guiding light (Psalm 119:105).

In today's article I want to ask you a very sobering and perhaps timely question for the day in which we live in. The question is rather lengthly so bear with me here.


If you were born into this world with no Bible, no preachers, teachers or proclaimers of the gospel as we know it today, no knowledge of God, His existence, the world, life, etc., do you feel you would gravitate towards a knowledge of God through nature, through your own life experiences, and one day come to a knowledge and faith in God? I would ask that you take a few moments here to pause and reflect on the question.


Personally, my first thought and inclination is that, "Yes," I would come to a knowledge of God, His creation and all the amazing wonders of this world and the heavens above. Now before we go any further I can already hear some religious people thinking, "Is this an excuse not to go to church, read your Bible, etc.?" No it is not!! Instead, I believe it is an interesting thought provoker that will lead you towards God enhancing and enriching your faith in Him.

Could you imagine growing up in a world without being surrounded by the church world as we have it and know it today? As I've said many times before, today we are the products of our environment. We are the byproducts of everything we've heard all of our lives. That is what has shaped our faith and belief system. My thought is, "If you take away that belief system would a person naturally gravitate towards or away from God?"

I believe it's the most natural instinct, desire and nature within a young child to reach out with a faith and hand towards God. Children have to be taught that there is no God in order not to believe in Him. Again, we are products of our environment.

We believe what we believe today because of what we've been taught and heard others say. Perhaps there's a few exceptions of those who have gone against the grain of life and chosen to believe beyond what they've heard. But that's not the norm, especially in today's world.

Most people today in church have a relationship with God through their pastor or minister. Personally, I believe that's very dangerous and foolish. Unfortunately, most people don't even realize they're doing it. I did it for many many years.

Today, I'm on a search and quest to, "Rediscover my faith in God." That may not sit well with religious folks, but I think I'm in pretty good company. It was the religious leaders and people Jesus had the most problems with. But in the end the truth stood the test of time.

Sure we can learn from people. Sure we learn more by listening then speaking. But it's very very important what you're hearing and who you're listening to in today's world because there are many voices trying to get your attention.

My goal in this writing is to get you to quiet yourself, and but for a moment strip yourself of all of noisy external influences and focus in on who you are and in your own way reach out towards God. Perhaps this is what naked faith is all about. It really is a journey of one, a lonely journey, but a necessary journey and path I believe we must all take in this life.

Those who are surrounded by a superficial world of friendship, needing and relying on large groups of people probably won't receive this message very well. But for those of us seeking a deeper and greater understanding and relationship with God, can more fully understand and appreciate the meaning of the Bible passage, "Deep calleth unto deep..." Psalm 42:7).

I would encourage you to share these writings with your friends and family and on your social media pages. For every reader out there receiving this blog article I believe there are 100 more who may need to read it.

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