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In our ongoing quest to rediscover God in our lives, I want to share some thoughts about why bad things happen in this world. I have written previously about how tough it is for me now to listen to someone preach about a loving Heavenly Father with all of the bad and evil things happening around us every day. Most newspapers, magazines, the internet and television news program are filled with it. We live in a very dangerous and violent society. The thought of a loving Heavenly Father does bring hope. But in this life and world we are all men and women most miserable.

(I hope these writings challenge you to seek out a personal relationship with the Father. That's what He wants. More than anything else, like a natural child, he or she wants and needs their parent's attention.)

I read of another earthquake in Mexico today which killed hundreds, including small children. Whenever children are involved it really grieves my heart. I've been thinking about this all day. With the recent hurricanes and more terror attacks, innocent lives have been snuffed out.

My thoughts today reflected back to some things I have written before about life and death. Seriously, bad things happen to good people all the time. I like to say it like this: Life's a crapshoot, it's like playing Russian roulette at times. Anyone of us could be taken out at any moment. It is a fact of life. I do believe God is a loving Heavenly Father, but as I've said before, in this life it is tough.

I got to thinking today, with all the tragedies, children being killed innocently, does God really have time to take a personal interest in me and my life? I believe those children being crushed beneath those buildings and the rubble in Mexico needed God's attention more than I do. We preach a very selfish message in this country.

How can God take an interest in me while many are perishing around the world? I'm gonna leave that one up to His sovereignty. I'm gonna leave that one up to I don't know everything. I'm going to trust God that He's doing the right thing.

When you look at worldwide tragedies it almost seems like God is nowhere to be found. I'm sure that's more perception than reality though.

The Bible calls the devil the god of this world.

So here's what I see. When I read or hear about tragedies like today in Mexico, my first thought should be: "That's the god of this world and life's a crap shoot." Saying and thinking that helps me put life in perspective. I hope it helps you too.

I do believe in divine protection, but not clear as to how it works exactly. I believe I've had angels who have kept me from being seriously harmed when I've fallen and been injured. Like I said I don't know exactly how it works, but I do believe there is divine protection in this world.

Throughout these writings you'll find that I'll never put God in a corner and say that I have it all figured out. I am very leery and standoffish from those who think they have God figured out.

PROFOUND THOUGHT- God is not the problem, it's the way He's presented that's the problem. Can I get a witness? The Bible tells us to look up because our redemption draws near. "Come Lord Jesus, come." Pray with me today that Jesus will come back soon and God's kingdom will be restored on this earth. Only then will we have true peace.

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