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I recently visited the largest antique store/mall (retailer) between Denver and Las Vegas, “A Robins Nest.” Every time I step into this store I venture out and travel back through time to another era, another realm. Two floors at 6th and Main Street in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado, dedicated to capturing your attention and imagination, full of nostalgia, sentiment, and just some pretty cool stuff.

I love this store!! One cannot possibly see everything in one day though. It’s like a museum of sorts. I’m always amazed and overwhelmed with the process of finding, buying, and displaying these antique relics, keepsakes, collectibles, gifts, heirlooms, odds and ends, all full of sentimental value and I’m sure some pretty cool stories.

I normally would start upstairs and then work my way downstairs, but on this warm, late hot summer day, mid afternoon, I went straight to the basement. As my mind began to wander back in time, I again found myself slowly and intently browsing through all kinds of things.

I remember seeing old pop bottles, farm equipment, old radios and telephones, record albums, pictures, paintings, old clothing, war surplus items, lights, and even old license plates. Things for the kitchen, things for the parlor, things things and more things. Like I said, it’s a journey back through time, and I can remember many of these items growing up.

It’s really a “feel good” store, complete with the ambience of the era whether you look left right up or down. Every nook and cranny, every corner of the store speaks of yesteryear, full of rich history, precious memories and affordable prices!!

Halfway through my browsing spree that warm summer day, I came upon two items which caught my attention:

The first, a wood cased clock, with a pendulum heard striking the side of the wood interior as father time clicked along. The chimes have been removed but that’s okay. I beheld the price... only $20?? An absolute bargain of a deal!! Carefully removing the clock from the wall I noticed it takes 1C battery. Not too shabby. It just had a great look, no nicks, dents, scratches or visible dust. I just love the roman numeral face, always have.

I returned the clock to its position on the wall and proceeded browsing through the store.

I stepped to my left and noticed a small brass looking INRI cross with Jesus on it, and only $5!! Needless to say it immediately grasped my attention.

I thought to myself, “This small, little, somewhat hidden cross, is the most important item in this whole store, and yet how many people miss it?" (What an absolutely huge and profound thought). I stopped and pondered as I continued gazing intently at the cross. “If it wasn’t for the cross of Jesus none of us would be here today!” Can I get a witness?

Perhaps it was my recent return to the Catholic faith. Perhaps it was the time my own Father’s spent studying to become a Catholic priest at Holy Cross Abbey Seminary in Chicago, Illinois when he was a young man. All I know is that I was absolutely awestruck at this seemingly insignificant sight amidst these many thousands and thousands of items in this marvelous store.

And then the thoughts raced through my mind as they usually do when I’m inspired. I thought, “Isn’t this just like our God who takes the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.” In other words, here I was, on my spiritual journey and pilgrimage through this life, rediscovering my faith, emotionally stirred and deeply moved by this small catholic cross hanging on the wall in the basement of an antique store.

I’m sure there is a story to tell with this cross: Who originally owned it? Who made it, and what it might have meant to others throughout the years?

Like a parable in the New Testament, an analogy of today’s world, the thoughts continued racing through my mind.

We live in a world full of many distractions; many things keeping us from the knowledge and power of God and His Word, eternity, and what lies ahead. The cross of Jesus - perhaps the key to our existence and everything we know, think, do, hear or say.

Like the small cross hanging in the store; yet how many people may have missed seeing it, perhaps walking by it daily, and not realizing the significance of the cross of Jesus in our world today?

I reiterate most sincerely: “This small brass cross is the most important item in this whole store!!”

I found myself alone in my thoughts. I looked around for a moment: “Does anybody else see what I see, and isn’t this so true of life today in the world we live in? The cross of Jesus many times seems hidden and obscured by the material things of this world.

The Bible records the devil walks about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, blinding the minds of those in this world so they cannot see or believe the Word of God.

Folks, it’s time we open our hearts and minds to the power of the cross of Jesus and all it means to us and all He has done for us to make us whole and bring us back to the Father; Our Father; The Almighty God, the creator of the heavens and the earth.

Many, many people today on the broad road of life which leads to destruction; who don’t even notice nor acknowledge the cross of Jesus and how he died at Calvary, for you and for me so that we might live free forever and ever with Him in eternity.

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