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The New FACE of Law Enforcement?

I purposely placed a question mark at the end of the title hoping this is temporary and not permanent.

Folks, I am sharing this message out of concern. This is one of the most disturbing pictures I have ever received. I was horrified and shocked almost beyond belief when I saw these photos. I am very disappointed. As a former Colorado State Patrol (CSP) recruit and cadet these photos took all the fun and pride out of law-enforcement for me. There is a feeling conjured up when looking at these faceless images. They all look the same, almost mindless and lifeless. When you were a child did your parents ever say, “Larry, look at me when I’m talking to you?” It’s normal to look into someone’s face when you speak with them. Without this contact something is missing in a conversation. Law enforcement officers are public servants. I don’t believe you can fully serve the public with a mask on. It hinders and obstructs your communication and appearance. Something is missing. The face, the front, the first part of someones being is gone. Officer safety is number one in law-enforcement. Perhaps with this new phase of law-enforcement some are hiding under the guise that this is officer safety protocol just to satisfy and justify their actions. If there was a real threat perhaps I could see their reasoning. But many, if not all of us, are realizing this is not a real threat, rather a manufactured fear which has gripped our land. I liken it unto the 1938 CBS Mystery Theater radio broadcast by Orson Welles, “The War of the Worlds.” (See my other video for more information on this program). What kind of message is the CSP sending by releasing these pictures on social media? There are over 1100 photos from this recent gradation. With the current law enforcement climate across our country this does nothing to alleviate the pain, anxiety and anguish many are suffering. Seeing these disturbing photos does nothing to instill confidence and a feeling of peace and assurance that everything will be all right. For me they cause anxiety and restlessness. There is a certain mindset that comes with wearing a mask. I actually am saddened and feel very sorry for these new officers and their families. If the masks don’t get you then take a look at the crowd that day. I didn't see a crowd.


A cadet has worked hard and long for 26 weeks. This is the climax of all their training - graduation day is finally here. This is perhaps their greatest moment in their life. So much pride, tradition and dedication in their new profession. I know this was a day I longer for when I graduated from a Colorado Criminal Justice Academy.

These new officers deserve the full dedication and assurance and hugs from their loved ones without social distancing and masks which separate them from reality and their own families. Law-enforcement officers need to set a standard, a standard above civilian life. A standard we can model and follow after. Personally, it’s difficult for me to look up to somebody with a mask on. I find myself turning my head away to avoid eye contact.

It’s very intimidating and a bit threatening looking at these images. I’m surprised so many photographs were even taken. You photograph somebody to see their face. I can’t even say I’m looking at their face.

The first thing you notice and see when looking at these pictures is the mask mask mask. Normally, the first thing you notice when you look at somebody is their face. The devil works hard to erase the face which God gave you. Individuality is being replaced by conformity. We all know God gave us a face and that face is meant to be shared with others. Your face is a big part of who you are as a person and your communication with humanity and the world. Can you imagine this veiled face coming at you during a traffic stop? My blood pressure would go up. The personality and character of a person is gone once the mask goes on. When you put a mask on you give up something. The pride of graduating - GONE!! Honor - GONE!! Personality and individuality - GONE!! As I said I have graduated from a law enforcement academy. It’s no different than the accomplishment one feels graduating from high school or college. It’s a tremendous personal accomplishment which demands full attention, integrity and pride. In our society today, and it appears law-enforcement isn’t exempt. Mask wearing has become an institution and clearly demonstrates allegiance and ignorance far beyond a virus. There’s plenty of studies out there to show that the virus isn’t what it was marketed as being and no more contagious or deadly than any other cold or flu virus. Hence, how foolish it looks seeing these new officers donning these god awful slave driven NWO masks. We should always take precautions but not to this extreme. This is madness and paranoia on a scale I’ve never witnessed. These are some of the most frightening pictures I have seen yet and these are our front line defense warriors!! It appears they’ve succumbed to the false decrees and edicts from a governor who is acting like a tyrant. Contrast this with Sheriff Billy Woods in Marion county Florida who doesn’t allow his 900 + employees or anybody coming into his department to don a mask. With so much media attention and public awareness to defunding the police, doing away with law-enforcement, harassing police, and erasing an institution we’ve all grown up with and relied upon, I think it would behoove the Colorado State Patrol and other departments to really search their hearts and decide if wearing a mask is really in the best interest of their God-given oath of allegiance to serving and protecting their communities.

MASK POLICE - Dear law enforcement officer,

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you today. Six months ago, the face of America literally was changed because of an invisible enemy. This new enemy, now in the form of a mask, is causing division, heartache and even bloodshed across our land. You, as a law enforcement officer, sworn to uphold and enforce the laws (not mandates) of the land have been thrown into the midst of this struggle. First and foremost you are a peace officer, and yet we see so much unrest and turmoil in our country. We as citizens seek peace also in our communities. The news media is to blame for most of the fear and panic. We reach out to you today with a hope and prayer that “masked policing” will soon go away. Please put yourself in our shoes. Anyone donning a mask with a weapon poses a threat and is very intimidating. You are to set an example, but who’s example are you setting and following? The country is split with this mask mandate foolishness. If you know the law you know that there is no law which requires anybody to wear a mask, hence, how can you enforce this? Even operating under the guise of enforcement is very wrong and intimidating. It would never hold up in a just court of law. Governors are not lawmakers!! This is something every patrol officer should hear everyday during your patrol briefings before hitting the streets. Perhaps most people fail to see the real danger here. Many say they wear a mask because they care about others. If that were true then we wouldn’t have anybody breaking traffic laws. The same people who defend their right to wear a mask are the same people speeding past us down the highway with little or no regard for public or personal safety. Hypocrisy and ignorance gone to seed!! You are being expected to enforce city/county/state mandates that have no legal (criminal) teeth. I think it is a very slippery slope that law-enforcement is being used to enforce any kind of mask issues. There are no states requiring masks to be worn in certain circumstances, simply a document put out by the governor, mayor, or counsel saying there is a requirement. These are NOT laws, they are strongly worded suggestions that citizens should follow. If you take the face out of policing, you’re just taken the man or woman out of being a cop. You are our front line defense. In closing, we are asking you to not wear a mask while performing your duties. If it’s a matter of officer safety then please consider the psychological and possible physical harm you are doing posing threats and intimidating those whom you are sworn to serve and protect.

God bless you as you as you continue your own spiritual, personal pilgrimage and journey in this life, on a divine path and road to know God and His Word better, to forge a deeper and stronger relationship between you and the Almighty!!

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