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Those who have known me over the years know I adhere to a strict food diet because of problems I experienced years ago with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Typically, I will eat a salad at lunch; Larry’s own amazing creation. I’m sure I could market the table tossed salad, sell it and make a ton of money.

When I run out of salad makings, sometimes for a treat I will go to Wendys and get a hamburger and side salad. Today happened to be one of those opportune days.

I’m sure you’ve all experienced it: those long lines of cars backed up at local drive-through food establishments throughout town. Well, today was no exception. I got in line, waited patiently, ordered my #1 one with no cheese, only mustard, lettuce, pickles and tomato, and proceeded to wait, inching slowly towards the window to pay for my lunch (by the way I don't eat the bun :)

When I arrived at the drive-through window I was met with the most astonishing site. I almost did a double take. Were my eyes deceiving me? As I pulled up and rolled down my window I noticed a young gal NOT wearing the dreaded mask. I even looked to see if it was hanging around her neck. NO MASK!! It was like my insides shouted, “Hallelujah!!”

I said, “I like that you’re not wearing a mask.” She smiled great big and said, “No.” She also stated she didn’t like wearing a mask. In fact, I noticed nobody at the drive up window area inside the kitchen was wearing a mask that I could see. To say the least this was a welcomed and very refreshing site. With our country and possibly world having gone mask crazy, I totally appreciated the fact that she wasn’t wearing one. I applaud her.

We spoke for a couple minutes about the extreme insanity that our country is displaying with all the guidelines and restrictions. In fact we both agreed that this is doing more harm than good.

Staying home, closing our playgrounds, beaches and campsites is not healthy. The benefits of outdoor activities far outweighs the risks!! In fact, sheltering us from one another may weaken our immune systems and make us more susceptible to these germs and viruses. Then what? Perhaps some would say, “See, the virus has come back,” when in fact, it’s our weakened immune systems that have been compromised.

Personally, I believe in time we will see more devastating effects from the stay at home orders, restrictions, etc. then what the actual virus caused. Shame on those who have attempted to imprison us.

Before I go any further I want to clarify that I have fought this message. Many times I’ve been grieved by the sites around me. I believe most people will receive this message and if I offend you I apologize. Before you throw a rock though examine your own life. If the so-called decision makers of the day really thought things out perhaps they might be thinking and acting differently. If people would simply act from their hearts and not their heads this world would be a much better and safer place.

"This experience today at the drive-through window was a game changer for me. It might even be a life-saver for some."

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling pretty down the past two months. It reminds me of a John Lennon song years ago called, “Isolation.” With the world gone mask crazy I think it’s time to stand up and say something.

First off, I don’t like seeing so many people wearing masks. Many act like puppets today. If they’re pulled to the left they go to the left. If they’re pulled to the right they go to the right. If they’re told to wear a mask they wear a mask. If someone tells them to stick their head in the toilet they stick their head in the toilet. Now before you run off on me thinking bad thoughts let me say of course there are exceptions. I’m just telling you it grieves me to see so many people wearing masks when they don’t really need them. This doesn’t mean I don’t treat a virus seriously, because I do. In fact I dare say I’m more OCD than most people. I always wash my hands and take precautions, not just when the news media drives a virus down our throats every minute of every day for two months.

Come on folks. Driving down the road with a mask on looks ridiculous!! Unless you’re suffering from allergies, pollen or experiencing respiratory problems, walking down the street outside in the fresh air wearing a mask looks ridiculous!!

How hypocritical we have become as a nation. If we really believe these masks are doing good and actually stopping a virus then we would wear masks from here to eternity because there are always going to be viruses, germs and infections in our world.

I realize a lot of people are wearing masks because they’re afraid. I don’t blame them, and I can understand their fear and concerns. But when this fear comes from the secular news media, who is very biased, that’s where you draw the line.

If you’re wearing a mask because you’ve gone to your doctor, consulted with him or her, and they advised you because of other health issues to wear a mask then so be it. I dare say though most people have not done the latter yet have strapped a mask around their neck and face because they are afraid. I truly feel for these people and I hope to educate them a bit through this writing. I realize elderly and senior people are more at risk, but that has always been the case, not just the past two months.

"This young lady at Wendy’s today gave me hope. It came at a very needful time."


"Are we any safer today?"

After 9/11 many restrictions were put in place with TSA, airport security, etc. But are we any safer? I had one friend explain it to me like this, calling the whole TSA process a “false sense of security.” I agree wholeheartedly. Just going through the motions doesn’t make us safer. If somebody wanted to do something evil they could still get it aboard an airplane. Going through a TSA ritual every time you board a plane doesn’t mean you’re going to be safe any more than wearing a mask will protect you from a virus. I know you want to believe that. Like I said there are some exceptions and there are legitimate reasons to be wearing a mask. On the other hand some are making fashion statements with their customized masks and it’s getting out of hand.

I believe a real danger lies in how easily the American public has bowed down to these restrictions with very few fighting back. Our constitution has been violated!! As one Catholic priest in Minnesota said recently, “The church has lost its soul and the world has gone crazy!!”

In closing, let me touch briefly upon the fact that we are losing what I call, “The Human Touch.” We all know the healing power of touch. Without it we become mere robots. I know of loved ones in assisted living centers and nursing homes who are not allowed to have their families come and see them. These people need the love of their families. I wonder how many have died alone because of the virus? I think many governors and officials are accountable for these deaths.

My prayer is that the truth will come forth. Jesus said in the New Testament, “The truth will set us free.” I believe that with my whole heart. We have been sold a lie and are being hoodwinking and deceived and it’s time for the truth, God‘s truth, to shine forth brightly and blind those who are responsible and behind these devious actions.

I pray God‘s blessings upon you this day and that His presence will be revealed to you as you reach out to Him by faith.

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