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What's this life about anyway? Do you ever think about the purpose of life? Perhaps I'm becoming too philosophical in my older age. I do believe it's a universal question though which many ponder throughout their lifetime, with very few answers though. I feel like tackling this question today.

If the purpose of life is Heaven, eternity, what's up ahead after this life is over, then I say let's hop to it and get to the end result. Can I get a witness? If the purpose of life is death, let's pray for a nuclear explosion and get on with the show. I know that sounds a bit juvenile, but it's a sobering thought.

Perhaps our life and existence here is a test. Perhaps we exist to learn and to love. I never really gave much thought to these things in my younger years. I believe the purpose of a Christian life is to help others. Perhaps that's our existence here as we lead others towards eternities path ahead.

Volumes of books have been written about a purpose driven, climb the corporate ladder and over-the-top type living. Man has really done some amazing things in this world. You have to stop and think though, why? Will there be purpose and productivity in Heaven? Another sobering, thought provoking question. Surely, I'm not the only one who thinks of such things.

Most people are too busy and self-absorbed in today's society to stop and think about the purpose and meaning of life. Perhaps sitting in a church building on Sunday morning they many ponder their mortal existence, but the other six days of the week it doesn't even enter their thought life.

Why are we here? I challenge you with that thought today. Why are we really here and what is the purpose of our existence in this earth? The perception is Heaven is our home. That is where we are all headed. Now we are suppose to live, think and act like we're already there.

"Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in Heaven."

It may sound a bit bizarre, but many days it feels to me like the purpose of this life is death. I've been heard to say, "Death brings out the reality of life," when losing a loved one or a pet.

God sees the beginning and the end. His vantage point is much different than ours. We see all the suffering, experiencing the hurt and sorrow of this life. But is that the way God really sees things?

God sees the beginning and the ending and we're stuck in between all the crap down here on this earth. Can I get a witness? I wholeheartedly believe that what's ahead is far more greater and beautiful than anything we can ever experience down here on planet terra firma (earth).

Again, I reiterate. If the purpose of this life is getting to our destination beyond this world, then we should all make haste. Let's get there as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I remember once having a small blue sticker which said, "JESUS, The Great Escape."

I once wrote about how this life (world) is like a great waiting station. We all find ourselves nestled on the platform of life, huddled around the train station, waiting to be taken to our ultimate destination, which is eternity.

The Bible so aptly states that our life here on this earth is compared to a vapor, which appears for a little time and then vanishes away.

I believe we serve a purpose driven God. I believe there will be strong purpose and meaning in Heaven in the afterlife. The concept though of eternity blows my mind away. I cannot grasp what that really means.

In closing, like I've said before, my theology is very simple these days. God is not the problem, it's the way He's presented that's the problem.

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