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I look at many Christian circles today with wonder and amazement, not criticism or judgment. At times it almost seems silly listening to preachers and teachers dissecting, analyzing, and sharing their own personal interpretations of the Word of God.

Is the Bible supposed to be presented like this? Is this true Christianity? Sitting in our pews and chairs on Sunday morning listening to how we need to do this so God will do that or vice versa? It's all very confusing and alarming.

Christianity is more than give-and-take. Granted, I came out of these circles. (I present this information merely as an observation. My intent is not to try and stop it.)

When I look at the gospel of Jesus, I see Him feeding the poor, clothing the naked, healing the sick and demon possessed, and at times raising the dead. Today, I see a very different picture in this modernistic secular society.

The time, effort, and money spent traveling to and fro, piling word upon word, teaching and teaching and teaching with little or no results, I believe is a sorry sight. I feel it doesn't present an accurate picture of true Christianity.

Now before you cast any stones at me please look at your own life first.

I refuse to mimic (trying to spiritualize and be like others,) saying, "God told me to write this," although I don't think he would be ashamed of my words here.

Many people today have a relationship with God through someone else; a pastor, a preacher, a friend, a lay person, or some other spiritual figure. But I'm telling you God wants a one-on-one with you on the court of life.

Where's your relationship with God today? He wants you to go to the source - Him, and not just hear it through someone else!!

Today I am "Rediscovering My Faith In God!!"

Our faith, knowledge and beliefs are the sum total of all we've heard others say about God and His Word. Although this is a good start, you must at some point in your life hook up with God Himself and allow Him to share His words with you. To me this is the beginning of faith and where your walk with The Lord truly begins.

Were the Scriptures meant to be extracted and applied personally in our lives, or, are they references of what happened in the Bible (not that it would be wrong to mimic or apply them in our lives)? Perhaps they are a pattern or path we are to take and live by.

"Thy word oh Lord is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path," (Psalm 107:105).

I believe too much time and energy is spent teaching and administering these words while the world goes to hell and the needs of many aren't meant.

The faith message is a selfish message!! What can I get? What can I do so God will do this? What will God do so I can do more? It's not about give-and-take between you and God. Come on, grow up people. Forget about what you can get from God. That's not true Christianity. For God so loved the world that HE GAVE!!!


That's a great concept and in a generalized sense I suppose it would be nice to think that He is, but in reality and specifically, I'm not so sure anymore.

Mental assent to these things is not true faith in the heart of God, and yet, sadly, that's where most people live today, with a head knowledge and mental assent of the things of God.

Some people treat God like a "phone a friend" buddy. When they get into trouble they try to ring God. Again, in a generalized sense that would be so cool.

Some people treat God like their next-door neighbor - always available. Would the God of the universe be that available? In the beginning of your walk with the Lord you would like to think and hope so. As time goes on you realize that God may not be so available. But is He listening to me? I would hope so, in His own way - not in the way many people teach and preach though.

God is omniscient omnipresent and omnipotent. God is all-knowing, everywhere, and all powerful!!

With all the history of time since the world began, and all that's gone before us, and all the things and people in this world, is God really at your beckoned call 24/7?

Please understand what I'm saying. We should be able to go to God, talk with Him, pray, share our hearts, needs and lives with Him. I'm sure He wants to hang out and fellowship with all of us. But, perhaps though, not in the way many circles teach it. Again, this all gets back to your own one on one personal relationship with the Almighty. This is something I believe which is very intimate and personal which only you and God can do together.

Do you feel God calling you to come out from among them? If you do then please heed His call and follow Him like the disciples did in the Bible. If may be a lonely road at times but it is the pathway that leads to everlasting life.

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