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Vietnam Remembered

SKU: 0005
  • The sixth in the award winning series Lest They Be Forgotten, "Vietnam Remembered," is an up close, personal, first hand look into the lives of Vietnam Veterans who fought, survived and endured the pain, suffering and anguish of a war that changed their lives and America forever.


    "The documentary deals with the subject of war in a fitting manner." (Lee Alley, "Back From War.")


    "Vietnam Rememberd," reveals the pride, honor and camaraderie these men shared with each other on the battlefield and off. It truly is a moving tribute towards those who have served our country and those currently serving. The documentary gracefully brings to life, in a positive manner, the Vietnam Veteran today.


    It is with great pride and honor we present to you, "Vietnam Remembered."


    Running time approximately 87 minutes.






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