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A Labor of LOVE 

I've been told I have the greatest job in the world. I have been called a "Renaissance Man," and, "A Church Without Walls." I've had war veterans tell me that I helped them cleanse their soul and that a weight or burden was lifted off their shoulders after speaking with me. I provide a very non-threatening environment for these veterans to open up and talk. They trust me. For an hour I have a window of opportunity to interview them. Many of of the veterans I have interviewed are talking about their war experiences for the first time. It is a very humbling experience for me to sit down, talk and listen to stories from many years ago when they were young men going to war. You can see it in their eyes as they relive in color these haunting vivid memories. I am not after the blood and guts of war but you can imagine the stories I have heard. When I started my work at the end of 2002 over 1500 World War II Veterans were dying everyday in this country. Today there are less than a half million left. In a few more years who will tell the story? There has always been an urgency about my work. I have been serving my country through the lens of my camera, capturing courage on camera and giving a voice to our veterans. I have come close to, "Touching History," through my work and the countless hours while editing these stories behind the scenes. I have been tasked with an awesome responsibility of recording history accurately. When you truly love what you do and follow your heart it ceases to be work. I am very passionate about my work, our country and our beloved military veterans. I am sure God welcomes home with open arms every veteran who leaves this earth. I am a better man today thanks to our veterans.

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