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Lest They Be Forgotten - CANADA

  • The seventh in Larry Cappetto's award winning series, "Lest They Be Forgotten - CANADA," is a moving tribute to those who fought for Canada protecting the freedoms we enjoy today in North America.


    Hear first hand accounts from Canadian Veterans who landed on the beaches of Sicily, Ortona, Dieppe, and Juna Beach on D-Day, June 6, 1944. Listen to stories from those who fought in Korea, Afghanistan and more.


    The documentary gracefully brings to life, in a positive manner the Canadian veteran today. It truly is a piece of Canadian and world history that needs to be recorded before it is lost. Its intended use is for public showings in schools across Canada and the world, helping to educate our young people about the price for freedom and the cost of war. Our goal is that this film will cause viewers to come away with a greater sense of appreciation and respect for our war veterans and the freedoms we share in our country.


    It is with great pride and honor that we present to you, "Lest They Be Forgotten - CANADA."


    TOTAL RUNNING TIME approximately 70 minutes.

    Filmed in Sarnia, Simcoe and Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    WATCH CP24 Interview with Ann Rohmer and American Filmmaker, Larry Cappetto


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