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Korea The Forgotten War

  • Korea, 1950-1953. "The fighting in Korea was different than any other war. 

    We went to Korea with a WWII mentality!"


    "The Chinese were in the number of 200,000 and we were 12,000. They always came in with bugles blowing,whistles blowing and shouting. They scared the hell out of you!"


    "When the Chinese finally hit us we took a terrible amount of casualties. They told us it was 35 degrees below zero, 40 mile an hour wind and it was snowing. In order to keep from freezing to death you had to keep moving. You didn't stop."


    "Everyone who left that hill was either on a stretcher or carrying a stretcher."


    "There are a lot of good men who perished that no one ever knows about."


    "There is always a price for freedom and that price is going to be paid by somebody. For every obligation there is a responsibility. You make a committment you keep that committment, and sometimes that committment costs you your life."


    "The red is the blood that we fought for."


    TOTAL RUNNING TIME approximately 90 minutes.

    Filmed in Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, California, Kentucky, New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina and Florida.




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