CHILDREN MATTER MOST (CMM) Publishing Company, Inc.


"Children are a heritage from the Lord" (Psalm 127:3)


We here at CMM believe the greatest investment we can make is investing in our children. It's become a cliché but our children are our future. There's no greater asset or value in this world than our children. The best investment we can make for our children is to give them our time, love and attention. 


Today, we've begun a new project and adventure which we believe will touch many lives young and old. CHILDREN MATTER MOST (CMM) Publishing was birthed from a deep seeded desire to serve others. Our goal is to provide quality, fitting, timeless books which will touch the hearts, minds and imagination of our children. 📚


We invite and encourage you to view the two short children's videos on our PROJECTS page. Our hope is for these two videos to become the inaugural books for the CHILDREN MATTER MOST Publishing Company. These two videos are extremely important and vital for the inception and birth of this amazing and needful company. Please watch them both and give us your feedback and share them with others who might be interested in this timely journey and adventure.


This company will be comprised of people like yourself; mothers and fathers; sisters and brothers; grandfathers and grandmothers; aunts and uncles. This amazing group of people (YOU) will be the publishing company. 


We are excited about this great opportunity and invite you to become a part of CMM Publishing. CLICK for more info. about becoming a partner.

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