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Songs From The Heart Piano CD

  • "Perhaps the best kept secret in modern day music" - Larry Cappetto is a songwriter extraordinaire. With a rich catalog of songs to his credit Mr. Cappetto has been entertaining and sharing his music with audiences around the world. His unique blend of music and style will reach out and touch your life.

    "I truly believe there is healing in music," (Larry Cappetto).

    An accomplished songwriter, singer, guitarist and pianist, Larry's music has been used to help heal the sick and minister to the brokenhearted.

    We invite you to listen to some of Mr. Cappetto's inspiring music videos below and encourage you to reach out to him and BOOK LARRY for your next event. His programs are life-changing, bringing hope and laughter to a hurting world.


    Please order your copy today. 19 original piano song recordings from Larry Cappetto. This CD and musical tracks have blessed many who were sick and ailing. It will comfort and soothe your life today. Please check out SONGS FROM THE HEART and order your copy today. God bless you!!




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