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Healing Power

  • This film is proudly dedicated to the memory of our good friend and colleague, Vic Jenacaro.


    An inspiring historic story about a young man born in 1844 in Ireland; he came to the United State as a very young boy; he was educated in North America and attended seminary. He was ordained in 1867. Although Father Patrick Power was a very devout priest his life was not miraculous. In fact he died a very young man. But 60 years after his death thousands made pilgrimages to his grave seeking healing and miracles. Today, almost 150 years after his death the faithful still flock to his grave seeking healing.


    This film documents Father Power's life and the many miraculous healings experienced at his grave over the years.


    "Healing Power," was filmed in the Boston area in cooperation with the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston and good friend, Ed Clark. 


    Executive Producer, Vic Jenacaro. 


    Approximate Running Time 60 minutes





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