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Father Bradley Remembered - A Journey Of Faith

  • During World War II, Father Bradley served as regimental chaplain of the 28th Marines, 5th Marine Division, the regiment that raised the flag on Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima. The "Padre," as he was known to the regiment, was awarded the Bronze Star for outstanding bravery and valor, and the Purple Heart for a wound caused by motar fragments. But Father Bradley's influence extended far beyond his military service, reaching countless thousands of parishoners and those whom he visited often in hospitals. It is rare for one man to have the same affect on so many people. Father Bradley was that man. You were never the same after being in his presense. Over the years as a pastor he brought many back to the fold who had gone astray, while strengthening and inspiring those of the faith - a humble servant, anointed and called of God, revered by her peers - a Marines Marine!!


    TOTAL RUNNING TIME approximately 40 minutes.




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