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Capturing Courage On Camera

  • Serving his country through the lens of a camera, filmmaker and historian, Larry Cappetto, has been on an incredible journey across North America the past 15 years, documenting and recording stories from American and Canadian war veterans.


    "Cappetto's search for those surviving veterans has been relentless. In fifteen years he's interviewed over 1000 military veterans, assembling one of the largest oral histories ever recorded of Americans at war." (Wyatt Andrews, CBS News Correspondent.)


    "Capturing Courage On Camera," is a deep, personal, reflective look behind the scenes into the life of a lone filmmaker and is tireless efforts to record history and share his stories with our younger generation. His deep abiding love for is veterans and country are evident in every scene. Hear for the first time one of the greatest love stories ever told.


    Approximate Running Time 97 minutes





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