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Beyond The Badge

  • Finally, there is a documentary about deputies and law enforcement officers which truly and realistically portrays life, "Beyond the Badge."


    Unless one has been there, they can never know the depth and breadth of emotions these men and women experience as they dedicate themselves to protect the lives and freedoms of all Americans.  They do so with exemplary sacrifice and unyielding courage; requirements of such extraordinary proportions that only a special few find themselves willing to answer the call. 


    "Beyond the Badge," is an eye witness account of life on the streets as told by those who form that, "Thin Blue Line."  They share with you their love of the job and their country, exposing a side of themselves that, at times, is raw emotion.


    As a career deputy sheriff, and as a sheriff, I am grateful to Larry Cappetto for a documentary that finally lets us tell our story as it really is to all those we are sworn to, "Protect and Serve."  


    TOTAL RUNNING TIME approximately 70 minutes.

    Filmed in Maryland.






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