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9/11 Remembered - A Day Of Infamy

  • "9/11 Remembered - A Day of Infamy," is a landmark film documentary featuring 22 survivors of the World Trade Center attack. That fateful day changed the face of history forever. Hear first-hand personal accounts from those who were at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001.


    "History is best learned from those who were there!"


    This is perhaps the most comprehensive story ever assembled from those who survived the horrors of 9/11. These survivors stories are etched into the minds and hearts of the human race and history. They are the eyes and ears of a doorway to the past.


    A diverse and inspiring musical score enhances the viewing and listening experience of this poignant story. Award-winning documentary filmmaker and musician, Larry Cappetto, has once again crafted a story of unprecedented epic proportions, historic and educational value. "The story telling doesn't get any better than this."


    Approximate Running Time 132 minutes





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